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Applications of Modern Non-contact Metrology in the Automotive Sector

A wealth of experience gained over many years enables sentronics metrology GmbH to offer a high-precision optical and currently unique sensor permitting quality assurance to keep pace with ever more efficient production processes. The sensor is either integrated into our standalone system located close to the production line or in a measuring room or is incorporated directly into the production line as an inline solution.

Thus deviations from set values can be recognised and corrected immediately during the production process. This technology therefore makes an important contribution by raising OK rates and hence reducing rejects.

3D shape and positional tolerances as well as standard geometries such as cylinder, roundness, conicity, etc., of interior spaces such as injection nozzles, valves, piston guides, or bearings can be measured in non-contact manner, both very fast and with extremely high precision. Whether metal, plastic, ceramic, or glass, whether rough, smooth, or transparent surfaces – whatever the object material may be – the sensors can detect practically any surface.

The automotive division of sentronics metrology GmbH offers a selection of sensors used for quality assurance in the following applications: 

3D interior space inspection:

  • Engine block cylinders
  • Injection nozzles
  • Precision cylinders
  • Precision bearings

3D micro-inspection:

  • Precision bearings
  • Balls for ball bearings