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Coatings/ Films

Applications of Modern Non-contact Metrology in the Film Production Sector

Modern film production methods are designed to make careful and economic use of raw materials on the one hand, and to maintain the protective effect of the film on the other. Frequent use is also made of composite solutions or coatings in order to combine advantages in the production process with an effective protective action of the film. sentronics metrology has developed optical sensor systems for use in the development of new processes and for quality assurance in production. These systems are employed, for example, in cast film plant, in coating/web processing plant, or also in offline inspection.

Even during running production, deviations from target values can be immediately recognised by sentronics metrology sensors and corrected. In view of the fact that 1 µm of excessive coating thickness can generate costs of several thousand euros, our measuring technology – as applied to the measurement of multi-layers and coatings – is making an important contribution by increasing OK rates and reducing the manufacturing costs of film products.

The films / coating division of sentronics metrology offers a selection of sensors used for quality assurance in the following applications:


  • Adhesive layer thickness
  • Barrier layer
  • Functional coatings
  • Silicone coatings
  • Application of oil (e.g. to aluminium)

Film/ composite systems:

  • Multiple layers in cast film plant
  • Thickness of adhesives in composites
  • Composite films