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Layer thickness measurement of thin adhesive layers and multiple layers

Here an example to optimize your processusing StraDex sensors:

In this example a safety film for reinforcement of glass panels was measured. These films are used for upgrades of glass panels with splinter shield or for protection against housebreaker. 
Main component of the measurement task was the determination of adhesive layer thickness (layers 2 and 4). Variation of adhesive layer thicknesses can cause unintentional film delaminations. Current film inspection takes place by cross-section polish and evaluation of layer thickness under the microscope. Although the high time effort for preparation of the measurement probes is disproportionate to the local very limited results on layer thickness.

Disadvantages of the conventionalmeasuring method:

  • Very high time effort for preparation
  • Only local characteristics about layer thickness can be revealed
  • Destructive test

Solution: Smooth measurement with StraDex sensors!
Advantages are obvious:

  • Non destructive measurement of layer thickness
  • Simultaneous single layer thickness measurement
  • No preparation; only one-time configuration of measurement necessary (< 10 min.)
  • Inline measurement possible up to 50 m/min.*
  • Very high accuracy

*only for this application; speed possible up to max. 350 m/min.