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Precise measurement of single layers on double-sided adhesive layers

Here an example to optimize your process using StraDex sensors:

A substrate of a foil was measured on an adhesive layer on both sides. Through the use of StraDex sensors single layers of the adhesive band can be measured simultaneously.
The sensors work in reflection mode this way the measurement of the put on release liner is already possible. The measurement configurations can be saved by StratoSpect software and can also be loaded up again after product change very easily. This way the measurement can continue without delay caused by calibration. The measurement was taken by capacitive sensors this way only an information about the total thickness of the adhesive layers was given.

Disadvantages of the conventional measuring method:

  • Traversing of sensor systems on both sides
  • Only total thickness measurable
  • High calibration effort
  • Very little lateral resolution

Solution: Smooth measurement with StraDex sensors!
Advantages are obvious:

  • High-precision interferometrical measurement of single layers
  • Inline measurement possible up to 100 m / min.
  • Process-sure determination of layer thickness
  • Traversing possible to determine total web width
  • ABA material configuration in actual sequence of single layers visible

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