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sentronics metrology GmbH offers an extensive selection of sensors for a very wide range of applications and industries. The StraDex sensors (StraDex a, StraDex f, StraDex t6) have a robust design and permit their direct use in the production process. For example, a StraDex sensor can be used to determine the thicknesses of individual layers of a film during the running production process. Coatings (wet or dry) can likewise be measured during production.

The SemDex systems (SemDex 101, SemDex 301, SemDex A31/ A32) are regarded as easy-to-use standalone metrology systems for both use, in fab and in a measuring environment. The objects to be measured (such as wafers, glass, silicon ) can be placed directly into the system (may also be palletised) and the corresponding measuring program can start.