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SemDex A

The New Generation of Fully-automated High Speed Wafer Metrology Systems 

The powerful, modular system can be equipped with a diversity of handling and measurement configurations like different sensors, measurement stages and automation hardware (dual-arm robot, load ports, aligner and ID readers).
Substrate-layer thickness, TTV or the total thickness of a stacked wafer, bow, warp and flatness of a wafer can be determined with sub-µm accuracy in a single measuring run.
Surface roughness down to nm level and furthermore, TSV, RST and mini-bump parameters can be retrieved as well.

Several pure sorting functions including compress, split, merge and randomization as well as measurement result based sorting functions are also available. Processed wafers are then sorted into different output cassettes depending on the results using several criteria including mean thickness, TTV and wafer ID reading.
The tool is equipped with up to 4 load ports for 200 mm (8“) wafers or up to 3 load ports for 300 mm (12“).
Manual loading is possible for different wafer sizes, up to 300 mm and framed wafers.

Two robot arms provide high throughput handling. Wafer flipping is possible at all stations. The tool can be equipped with a rotational stage for fast measurements that cover the complete wafer area. Usage of multiple readers to measure the wafer or glass carrier ID ensures maximum flexibility. A high resolution camera in the metrology module can be added to evaluate the geometrical shape of a stacked wafer.

Intuitive WaferSpect software serves for measurement planning by means of recipes, execution of the measuring tasks including data processing, and saving / export of the relevant measurement and parameter data. 


•  Combines metrology and sorting functions in one tool
•  Simultaneous measurements possible in one step
•  Very high throughput rate - up to 100 wafers / hr
•  Rotational stage for high precision and high speed measurements

•  Open aperture or vacuum chuck
•  Available with high-resolution HD CMOS camera and pattern recognition software
•  SECS / GEM software package