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SemDex 201

SemDex 201 with connected laptop for immediate presentation of measurement results.

SemDex 201

Semi-automatic Table-top Inspection System  for a Wide Range of Wafer Applications


SemDex 201 device was designed for off-line applications in quality assurance. Wafers thicker than 700 mm are comparatively resistant to external influences or coatings exerting a negative influence on their geometry. However, such effects cannot be neglected in the case of very thin wafers. Geometric quality criteria such as bow or warp play a crucial role here. Measurement is performed with the thin wafers placed on three pins. The wafers are distorted as a result of their internal structure. Additional layers of material applied to the wafer generally modify the mechanical properties of the blank. Such mechanical stresses can be determined before and after coating with the aid of the integrated Stoney equation by performing a bow/warp measurement with SemDex 201.

The integrated layer thickness sensor StraDex f can evaluate substrate layer thickness, bow/ warp and flatness with sub-µ / µm accuracy in a single measuring run.

The intuitive WaferSpect software serves for measurement planning by means of recipes, execution of the measuring tasks including data processing, and saving / export of the relevant measurement and parameter data.


  • Accepts wafers measuring up to 200 mm (8“)
  • Measures both framed and unframed wafers
  • Rotary stage for high precision and high speed measurements
  • Calibration body integrated into chuck
  • User-friendly WaferSpect software


  • Vacuum chuck
  • Available with high-resolution HD CMOS camera and pattern recognition software