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SemDex 295

with StraDex f sensor and HD CMOS camera

SemDex 295

Cost-effective Table-top System for Bow/Warp and Thickness Evaluation


The SemDex 295 device was designed for off-line applications in quality assurance. This compact table-top device is equipped with a sensor and with a motorized rotary table and integrated x-stage for fast non-contact measurement of wafers up to  300 mm (12“). The integrated layer thickness sensor StraDex f can evaluate substrate layer thickness, bow/ warp and flatness with sub-µm / µm accuracy in a single measuring run.

The intuitive WaferSpect software serves for measurement planning by means of recipes, execution of the measuring tasks including data processing, and saving / export of the relevant measurement and parameter data.


  • High flexibility: 4”, 6”, 8”, 12” wafer
  • Simultaneous measurements possible in one step
  • Measures both framed and unframed wafers
  • Rotary stage for high precision and high speed measurements
  • User-friendly WaferSpect software 


  • Vacuum chuck
  • Available with high-resolution HD CMOS camera and pattern recognition software