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StraDex f during production

StraDex f during production
ATEX Cover as option
StraDex f sensor with ATEX cover


Traversing unit for measuremet of coatings, layer thicknesses and total layer thicknesses on single-component and composite films



  • Replaces thickness measurements using beta emitters
  • One-sided measurement of films up to 0.5 mm in thickness 
  • Contact-free measurements under production conditions
  • Traversing velocities of up to 300 m/min
  • Traversing measurement at right angles to the film web
  • Measurement data logging and database connection (SQL, Oracle)
  • Connection to all conventional machine control units (PLC) via parameterization 
  • Stainless steel designs for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries

 Now also available with ATEX cover!