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Presentation of the measurement data


StratoSpect allows determination of individual and total layer thicknesses as well as measurements on multi-layer films. Measurement is performed with the aid of a wizard, and fine configuration with a new assistant. A wide range of filters is available for processing the results of measurements and for their visualisation.

Principal Features of “StratoSpect” Software:

  • Types of measurement: Point, trace, grid, and time measurements
  • The new assistant permits online configuration of a measurement, i.e. changes are displayed immediately. It also offers a convenient automated layer-finding algorithm
  • Filters: Standard deviation, mean filter, and downsampling, as well as many other mathematical operators
  • Visualisation: 2D and statistical, tabular, needle , bow, and warp views
  • StratoSpect be integrated into existing IT structures through various interfaces and offers ASCII and Excel export functions