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Presentation of the measurement data


WaferSpect is used with the SemDex series of instrument designed for evaluation of wafers. The software can accomplish a very wide range of measuring tasks on wafers. These are primarily thickness measurements on multi-layer systems performed with the aid of the StraDex f series of sensors. In addition, the bow/warp and stress of a wafer can also be determined. Use of a StraDex a sensor provides access to a wafer’s nanometre-scale topographical and roughness-related surface characteristics and also permits automatic measurement of bumps and vias. The software can be integrated into an existing IT infrastructure at the point of use via SECS / GEM or proprietary protocols.

Principal Features of WaferSpect Software:

  • Generation of protocols with practical aids such as the Layer Thickness Assistant and the Measurement Wizard
  • Control of SemDex for data acquisition
  • Flexibly configurable data processing with numerous mathematical tools
  • Visualisation of measurement results with freely definable screen report
  • Compact storage of protocol, measured data, and report in native file format
  • Automatic and manual export of measurement results and screenshots
  • Self-tests to ensure correct functioning and measurement results
  • Automation via SECS / GEM and proprietary protocols