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Very fast sequential scanning with very high precision


Two fundamentally different types of sensor are used:

1. Point sensor for sequential scanning of:

  • Layers/coatings on a moving object (during running production or on an x/y stage in  offline operation) or
  • 3D interior space topographies (e.g. cylinders) with a rotating measuring probe

2. Area sensor for 2D scanning of 3D topographies of a stationary object. Scanning of larger areas or several regions can be accomplished by moving the object

StraDex f, t series point sensors very rapidly decode the interferometrically encoded depth information by a specially developed patented procedure to permit  data acquisition in sub-ms cycles.

A pointwise procedure is also used by the RayDex cr, hr sensor for scanning interior spaces. Rotation and pointwise acquisition of distance information ensure 360° coverage so that an additional axial shift yields a complete 3D data set.

A StraDex a series area sensor simultaneously illuminates a small area (typically < 1 mm2) with maximum lateral resolution. Height information is then acquired by rapid scanning of the integrated objective. Ultrafast integrated electronics and a specifically optimised data algorithm yield complete 3D data sets in 1 – 3 seconds (depending upon the size of the area measured).