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SemDex A32

SemDex A32

Production inspection in a clean room

Bumps,TSV depth with high aspect ratio, CD

VIAs are introduced to provide electrical connections through a silicon substrate. Given the packing densities commonly encountered in present-day semiconductor production, these through connections have diameters down to a few µm and aspect ratios of up to 20/1. Connection between the silicon layers to form complex circuits is made by tiny balls of solder known as bumps. These too are becoming smaller and smaller as a result of the ever-increasing complexity of components; bumps with diameters below 30 µm are far from rare. 


An sentronics metrology’ StraDex a sensor,fitted in a SemDex wafer-inspection system, is able to precisely measure the depth and height of these VIAs and bumps as well as their lateral dimensions. An additional StraDex f sensor is used in cases of higher aspect ratios.

Measuring systems for:

TSVs/ Bumps