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Applications of Modern Non-contact Metrology in the Wafer Sector

sentronics metrology GmbH offers many years of experience in high-precision non-contact measurement of layer thicknesses and surfaces with sensors that are in some cases unique. This constitutes the basis for development of a series of complete solution packages marketed by sentronics metrology GmbH.

The company’s semi-automatic systems can measure layer thicknesses, bow/warp and flatness and also other 3D surface parameters, bumps, TSVs, and roughnesses of wafers.

The fully automatic system additionally permits automated loading and removal of wafers.

sentronics metrology GmbH sentronics has the ideal solution for the following applications:

  • Back grinding and etching processes
  • Manufacture and packaging
  • Interconnects such as bumps/ TSV
  • Flat panel displays
  • MEMS